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2020 – Best Year Ever

I want to point out that the following is NOT me bragging, but pointing out that when you decide to take responsibility for your actions – all of them – the WORLD is yours! My dad, “Captain Bad Ass”, said to me, “son, you can let life kick your ass or you can fight to kick life’s ass. If you fight, you’ll still get your ass kicked, but, as long as you keep getting up, you will, eventually, win!”

Life has kicked me in the head so many times I have lost count and every time I was down, I thought of my dad’s words, and I got up and started fighting again knowing that I will win as long as I don’t give up! I know this has been a tough year for many of you, but don’t give up…keep fighting because what doesn’t kill you WILL make you stronger!!!

One year ago I decided to jump on an airplane, fly to Ecuador and start a restaurant. I have never owned a restaurant but the right opportunity presented itself and there I was.

My health was bad. I weighed 325 lbs. I had high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes and I was, for the most part, very unhappy. I needed a change and a new challenge.

With Sherry’s blessing, I decided that Ecuador and the high-altitude living in Cuenca, was where I needed to be. Owning a restaurant has always been a dream of mine so the timing and opportunity motivated me to throw caution to the wind and chase another dream. I realize that the event that have followed my seem lucky, but LUCK is when preparation meets OPPORTUNITY. So many people are unlucky simply because they are unprepared when opportunity comes knocking.

Life started pounding on me the minute I landed in Ecuador. We got stopped by the police on the way from the airport back to the Cuenca. It didn’t phase me though because I know when you are on the path of greatness, the trek is rife with obstacles.

I won’t go into detail regarding all the obstacles I have over come but they have been numerous, culminating with this Pandemic. While it is laying waste to many small businesses, my business partner, Jules, and I decided closing was NOT an option. We decided that among all the chaos was opportunity and we decided to go into GROWTH mode.

We opened a store that sells wine, high-end chocolate and other sundries. We opened a pizzeria. We developed a home delivery plan for the cafe that catapulted us ahead of our competitors and increased our revenue substantially. In other words we adapted and we innovated and we decided to fight back instead of lying down and accepting defeat. Losing was NEVER and option and we haven’t and won’t.

WE are in GROWTH mode and we have BIG FUCKING plans. Stand in our way and you WILL get run over because we are fighting back and, like the Championship Chicago Bulls Team of Jordon, Pippen and Rodman, we have come to WIN and WE, Jules, Jonathan (the newest addition to our team) and Myself are NOT taking prisoners. We are here to WIN, period. NOTHING else is acceptable.

By the way, I have also regained my health and lost 80 lbs. in the last year. In short, 2020 has been my best year ever!!!

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