About Dave

​#NCADMAN was born from an idea of Asheboro and More Marketing's Chief Creative Officer, Dave Johnson. Dave had just returned to the United States after spending two years in Ecuador. There, he published the country’s first English-language magazine, Cuenca Expats Magazine, and newspaper, The Cuenca Dispatch. Once they were up and running, he sold them both and moved back to the United States for his next adventure.

Upon his return, Dave was offered a job by a long-time client, Majestic Floor Covering, as their Director of Marketing which he accepted. Majestic Floor Covering had grown into a medium-sized company and Dave was excited about the potential to take the company to the “next level”. Dave’s efforts made a profound impact on the flooring company. The new website he built for them earned an award as a “Top 100 Flooring Website.” Additionally, many business people in the community began to take notice of all the innovative things Dave was implementing to become the area’s top flooring business and began to inquire about having him work on their marketing also.

Dave had been thinking about starting a marketing agency for some time so he approached the owner of Majestic Floor Covering, Mike Key, about leveraging the Majestic name and reputation and turning their marketing department into a separate marketing agency where they could offer services to other businesses as well as their own. While Mike didn’t have much experience in marketing, he has a tremendous amount of experience in growing successful businesses. He liked the idea of diversifying his current business and turning his marketing department into a profit center so Marketing by Majestic was given the green light.

Mike decided to give Marketing By Majestic to Dave (yes, gave) at the end of 2018.  Instead of moving forward with the Marketing By Majestic name, he merged the new marketing agency with his existing Publishing and Marketing company, Asheboro and More Marketing.

#NCADMAN is Dave's online identity and this blog is his philosophy on all things related to marketing, advertising and publicity.  He "calls 'em as he sees them" and he is proud that his thoughts and ramblings are considered unconventional to say the least.

Dave is VERY happily married to his best friend, Sherry.  Their relationship spans 28 years and among other things, they are also business partners.  He is also a dog lover and has four dogs, Monday (a rat terrier feist mix), Gizmo (unknown mix but terrier is definitely part of the mix), Bandit (Gizmo's son and has some husky in the mix) and BBD (Big Black Dog - a black lab blood hound mix.)